The ability to communicate has definitely changed in recent years. With modern times, the factors of affordability and effectiveness are of utmost priority. With that in mind, the mode of communication that has emerged as the front runner is one that uses modern technology, such as the computer to achieve timely and efficient transmission of data. In fact, computers have become a part of nearly every aspect of a person’s life. This demand for Internet and computer communication has created a large industry of software companies that must compete to provide the best programs to end users. Intensity Software, Inc. easily became one of the leaders in this competitive field.

With origins dating back to 2001, Intensity Software, Inc. kept a single mission statement in mind – to make the best possible software programs. Utilizing the Microsoft Solutions Framework, their creations were elegant solutions for many of the problems faced by consumers. In addition, the low cost made the programs the standard for many applications.

Unlike other companies that were formed by businessmen and entrepreneurs, Intensity Software, Inc. was founded and staffed by industry professionals that truly cared about the goal of the company. Because they were not simply coders working a normal job, these experts put more time and care into the programs and built them in a way that was intuitive to use and addressed the current and future needs of the consumers.