Instant messaging programs

The internet has lead the way into the future for humankind. Not only does it let us access and share information with a simple push of a few buttons or keys, but it lets us communicate from incredible distances at a very low cost.

The telephone was the first major breakthrough that made it possible for people to speak to each other remotely for the last century, but the computer era made it possible for online communication to become popular. Instant messaging has been the coolest way of online interaction between people of all ages.

Instant messaging software works as online chats that take place in real time, between two or more people. They mostly work on the basis of text, but have seen many advancements over the years which now allow voice communication, video calling and even file sharing.

IM started out in the 1940s as a method of communication between users of the same machine. After than it evolved with the continuously developing networks and used either peer-to-peer protocols or a direct connection to a specific server. Programs like ‘talk’, ‘ntalk’, ‘ytalk’ were used back then, as well as ‘talker’ and ‘IRC’.

The bulletin board system (BBS) became popular in the 1980s and AOL Instant Messenger became the best known in the 90s. When the 2000s brought other technological advancements, more and more companies and giants in the internet world came with their own IM programs for IM chatting. Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger or Skype are just some of the many available.

Instant messaging has become a really big thing over the years. It allows for a cost free solution to communication, it is available from many clients and over many operating systems and mobile platforms. Instant messaging programs have many features that make them attractive to anyone who uses them and are available for free download, with simple and easy instructions for instant enjoyment.