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While widespread use of computers is only a modern phenomenon, the truth is that children educational software has been around for well over 50 years, with the first models using flight simulators to help train pilots. However, the modern age has seen learning programs gain a wide audience with children. The link between children and games has been well researched, with many behavioral experts writing about the benefits that this type of education for children can bring. For young children, learning programs using the computer can help with memory retention, mental acuity, and many other aspects of the child’s development.

As much criticism has been made about children watching increased amounts of television, the invention of children educational software for children has been welcomed as a healthy alternative towards television viewing. With an interactive atmosphere, the presentation of the learning programs can incorporate entertainment into the education for children. This combination of children and games is already becoming famous, with many children gaining a better understanding of computers at an early age than their parents. The education for children is being augmented both at school and at home. In the classroom, the educational software has started to become standard in progressive school systems that realize the benefits that can be found with their use.

The variety of educational software has grown rapidly as parents want to be able to provide a head start to their children. In addition to reading programs and general information, some of these programs use math worksheets to help a child become familiar in working with numbers. The math worksheets can also be used to help a child that is having trouble in learning basic math skills. Apart from the time spent at school, a struggling child can use the learning programs at home to complement their education and stay at the same pace with their peers.