developmentToday’s society is certainly evolving around several concepts and one of them is communication. Communication nowadays must be affordable and effective, and the best way to do so is by using one’s computer and internet. However, communication is not the only thing that people currently need since the world of computers has evolved. Individuals do everything these days with the help of their computers. They work, they communicate and they entertain themselves or others. As a response, software engineers have had to come up with methods in which they can produce the best quality software, for the purpose that the client needs it for and yet for the best price. The software market is a competitive one and people can truly find good quality products for the best prices, and Intensity Software Inc. was one of the places where they could get it from.

The software company was founded in September 2001 and ever since it had had a single goal, to build the best software solutions for the lowest price possible. The company committed to achieve its goals by using a streamlined version of formal Microsoft Solutions Framework software, used as a software development model to identify and solve the issues that may appear with one’s software development. This ought to be done quickly and efficiently while for the lowest costs on the market.

Intensity Software Inc. was comprised by professionals who were truly committed to the mission and goal of the company. They are not individuals for whom software development is a regular 9 to 5 job, but they are enthusiasts who put passion and excitement in every of their project. This is why these professionals also write books and articles and can be listened to at various conferences. Good and cheap software has never been more available.